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At the helm of BLACK, LLC (Beginning of Longevity Achievement Culture and Knowledge) is Leighvon Black, a visionary and seasoned professional whose career spans across critical sectors including aerospace, defense, healthcare, and facilities management. Leighvon's journey is a testament to the power of expertise, leadership, and innovation. Starting his career as an Electrical Engineer, he quickly distinguished himself through his technical acumen and a proactive approach to problem-solving. His tenure at prestigious organizations like The Boeing Company and the Department of Veterans Affairs highlighted his exceptional ability to oversee complex projects, manage multifaceted teams, and deliver outcomes that not only met but often exceeded expectations.

Leighvon's leadership philosophy is rooted in fostering a culture where knowledge and achievement are paramount. Through his guidance, BLACK, LLC is not just a company; it's a beacon for pioneering engineering solutions that embody efficiency, sustainability, and the highest standards of quality. His commitment to excellence and his profound expertise are the cornerstones upon which BLACK, LLC stands, aspiring to transform visions into realities that exceed expectations.

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At BLACK LLC, we stand on the shoulders of a rich legacy in engineering and project management, a legacy that spans diverse industries including healthcare, aerospace, defense, and facility management. Our foundation is built upon years of groundbreaking work, strategic leadership, and innovative solutions that have consistently set new benchmarks in every sector we've touched.

Our journey begins with a deep dive into healthcare engineering, where pioneering facility management solutions were developed and implemented. This foundational work laid the cornerstone for our ethos of precision, reliability, and forward-thinking, ensuring the optimal functioning of complex systems and infrastructures.

As we ventured into the aerospace and defense sectors, our tradition of innovation continued to flourish. Our involvement in these fields brought about significant advancements in process engineering, quality control, and systems optimization, marking our presence with transformative project outcomes and strengthened operational efficiencies.

In facilities management, our approach has always been comprehensive, focusing on environment care, maintenance operations, and space planning. Our proven strategies in overseeing vast facilities have ensured their longevity, efficiency, and compliance with the highest standards.

Today, BLACK LLC embodies this amassed expertise, offering unparalleled programming management services, facility services, and technical oversight. Our legacy is not just a record of past achievements but a living, breathing essence that informs all we do. We bring a wealth of experience, a history of innovation, and a future of possibilities to every project, big or small.

Our capabilities are built upon a solid foundation of diverse engineering expertise, now channeled through BLACK LLC's offerings. Every client benefits from decades of experience across sectors, now unified under the BLACK LLC banner. We're not just engineers; we're pioneers, innovators, and problem-solvers committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible.